The Edge

The Edge for Guild Wars is no longer supported.  The Reno Brothers would like to thank our loyal users for their support, GWOnline for hosting our program and ArenaNet for creating such a great game.   The Edge was originally created before the Prophecies campaign was released to give players ways of looking at skills that weren't available in-game.  While not all of the search features offered in The Edge are now available in-game; between the new game features and excellent Guild Wars Wikis, we feel we can finally stop updating The Edge.  The Reno Brothers will return at another time with other gaming utilities, but for now, we'll take a well-deserved rest.

Please remember not to download rogue copies of The Edge.  The only site we ever allowed to host our program was GWOnline so we could be sure of a clean file.


So those who may have been curious about The Edge have some reference, we'll leave this description and screenshot in place for now.

You can do sophisticated word-searches of all skill information, sort for the most useful skills, view damage and energy use per second and adjust your attributes, armor, weapons, energy and health settings to tweak, test and document your builds.  You can easily use The Edge to find the locations of skills (including elites) so you'll always know which quests to do and which outposts have the skill trainers you'll need.  If you want to be a great Guild Wars player, you need The Edge!  For more information see the tutorial.